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Corporate Improv

Applying Improvisation to the Workplace

Innovative training techniques are necessary in our world today.


Improvisation trains leaders in a hands on, out-of-the-box way to break up patterns, encourage creativity, and motivate creative solutions 

Usually, improv is associated with comedy, but that isn’t always the case. Theatre training connects directly with business practices. Being a skilled theatre practitioner requires development of skills such as:

  • Listening

  • Communication 

  • Trust building 

  • Conflict management 

  • Empathy 

  • Change Management 

  • Creative Problem solving 


Improv isn't always funny, but our classes will always be fun! We believe one of the best ways to learn is to play.

Our Corporate Improv Classes are serious fun business.

We make training programs that fit your unique needs! Our goal is to help your sales people sell more, your negotiators close the deal, your leaders to inspire their team! 

What programs do we have?


Thats the beauty of Three Strands. We can develop curriculum based on your specific needs and wants!  


Sample Programs Include: 

Team Building/Ensemble Creation

Increasing Productivity

Creative Problem Solving & Quick Thinking

Conflict Management

Goal Creation 

Client and Partner Management 

Sales Training 

Presentation/Speaking Skill Development

How long are workshops? 


A week?

A day?

An Hour?



We are flexible to fit our program during training week,

a morning breakout, a retreat,

What are people saying?

"Loved your "Bringing Improvisation to the Workplace" Workshop. What a great corporate training / teambuilding, and so much more unique than anything else we have done for our Sales Managers.. The activities brought focus to our overall goal, while bringing everyone out of their shell, and getting the team to think quickly on their feet. I especially loved how you brought everything together by customizing a real life work situation to encourage brainstorming as a group. We look forward to working with you again in the future."

~Maureen Healey

"Such an awesome, fun, interactive and neat training we had today, thank you for a great day!"

~Joanne Horne

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