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Three Strands will strive to be a safe place for people in all walks of life. A safe space will lead to freer dialogue. We always start a creation process with questions instead of statements to look into the deepness and richness of our themes. We will be brave and vulnerable enough to ask questions without knowing the answers. We will foster humility by listening to each other.



Creative expression can be one of the healthiest ways to process life. Do you struggle with judgment? Let's write a scene about it. Do you lack confidence? Choreograph a dance to explore boldness and timidity. Do you have too much joy to contain it? Let's put that joy to music. Out of the questions and dialogue with our ensemble, we will create artistic pieces to embody and perform our discussions. We will disciple each other through our questions by encouraging all voices in the room.



By critically looking at our lives and asking questions, we will discover new things about ourselves, our ensemble, and our community at large. Our artistic work gives our discoveries a practical application in our daily routine. We will take these discoveries with us outside of the theatre and into our schools, our extracurriculars, our work spaces, and our homes. Our discoveries give us strength and boldness to be ourselves in all situations.

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