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Student Classes

The Fine Arts hold a unique opportunity to mentor and disciple young students. 


What is your story?
What are you passionate about?
What do you want to change?


Three Strands Theatre does a different kind of theatre. We create theatre because we serve the Ultimate Creator! Through theatre-focused discipleship, we will go on a Jesus-centered spiritual journey to discover our story. We will explore improv games, writing exercises, and storytelling all through the lens of our faith – and that will give us the core of our show. The bulk of the script will come from scripture and students’ own brains and hearts. We will memorize both. The goal for this content is to ask questions, and to learn how to listen to and teach each other.


The first chunk of our journey will revolve around getting the show solid. It will require great vulnerability as you are creating a show based on your own hearts! We will build in a quiet time at the beginning of the day, and end with a circle of encouragement.


The second part of our journey will be performance focused. This can take many different forms, and we will decide what is the best based on your community's needs and desires. 


In order to succeed, we need artists, actors, writers, creatives, thinkers, storytellers, musicians, dancers, people who have something to say, and above all—passionate, fun-seeking individuals who are willing to ask hard questions and take their faith to the next level. 


Now, we’ll be honest, this requires vulnerability, respect, and focus. This will be a challenge, but the most challenging things are also the most rewarding things.


Care to take that adventure?

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