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Encore, Encore!
Look at what Three Strands Theatre has done so far!

Marriott International's Florida University

Improv in Orlando!


In July of 2013, 11 creative young adults between the ages of 11 and 14 blew us away with their courage, vulnerability, and artistry. Together with the help of Meg Sullivan and Marcelle Hamilton, they created a beautiful performance that dove into themes of judgment, peer pressure, and faith. They asked questions like, "What does it mean to be yourself when you feel different from those around you?" "Why do I feel like if I tell my classmates what I believe, they won't hang out with me?" and "How do you actually stand up for what you believe in, when you're in the midst of judgment?" At the end of the performance, the cast sat down with the audience (consisting mostly of family members and friends), and talked about what they had learned, and what they wanted to take with them into the school year that was about to start. All in all, it exceeded everyone's expecatations and offered such encouragement to both the cast and their families alike. 


Check out a clip from this performance by clicking HERE!

"Get Real" Summer 2013

We partnered with Marriott International's Florida University to create a series of training classes for their Sales and Event Managers. Check out some of our favorite moments from our corporate improv with the Marriott Florida Hotels teams!

"Thank you for your positive energy today during Florida University! Your energy was contagious! I’m sold on your program!

I was a participant in the Orlando program. Please engage with these folks, if you are seeking a unique team building program for your company. You will enjoy and benefit for their program!"  - Gloria Nichnowitz-Sherman   



Applying Improvisation to the Workplace


Increasing Productivity & Inspiring Teamwork

We partnered with one of Marriott International's Sales Offices to create a training class for their upper level Sales Managers. They needed training workshops that were actually memorable; something that would engage their employees in a different way and encourage them to break out of their habits. 


This corporate improv class allowed participants to experience theatrical games and exercises to increase productivity and teamwork. We played a lot of games and had a lot of laughs, and all the while explored active listening, multitasking, and building a stronger ensemble.

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